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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I admit....

I have NO time to blog :(  I think of a post almost everyday!  Things that I want to tell you all or make note for my kids.... but there is just no time.  We have been enjoying this great weather.... Carson started T-Ball, Aubrey is trying to crawl and I am trying to get back into shape full swing. (BTW, I did say I would keep you updated and since last post, I have lost about 3 pounds.....with the help of the stomach virus.  I swear if I just keep getting the stomach virus once a month the rest of this weight would be off in no time!)  Here are some pics from the last month!
 At the Zoo with Kara
 My little flowers!
 Trying to get a group shot of the kids! 
 6 Months Old!
 First T-Ball Practice
 Too Busy Playing to look at me!
Aubrey Got her Ears Pierced!!!

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Bryn said...

Such cute pictures! Aubrey is so smiley! What a joy!