I am not an English teacher, and have no intention on ever being one. I know that my writing skills are not the best. I really do proof read, but I am sorry if there are mistakes. This blog is for fun... like a journal for my kids. I just let all you in.... take it or leave it! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I admit....

I have NO time to blog :(  I think of a post almost everyday!  Things that I want to tell you all or make note for my kids.... but there is just no time.  We have been enjoying this great weather.... Carson started T-Ball, Aubrey is trying to crawl and I am trying to get back into shape full swing. (BTW, I did say I would keep you updated and since last post, I have lost about 3 pounds.....with the help of the stomach virus.  I swear if I just keep getting the stomach virus once a month the rest of this weight would be off in no time!)  Here are some pics from the last month!
 At the Zoo with Kara
 My little flowers!
 Trying to get a group shot of the kids! 
 6 Months Old!
 First T-Ball Practice
 Too Busy Playing to look at me!
Aubrey Got her Ears Pierced!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back Crawling

This girl amazes me everyday!  Wonder if she knows what she is doing....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Last 10....

Here I am.  It's almost been 5 months since I had Aubrey, and I only have 5 pounds left till I am back to my "pre-pregnancy" weight.  I can't believe it.  But I think since I am so close, I have kinda given up.  "Oh, I am only 5 pounds away."  I am happy with what I look like (most of the time.... but of course it isn't bathing suit season YET).  Reality is that it needs to come off.  I am not one for diets, because I love food too much.  I just can't cut out anything.  But I can cut out things on certain days.  Like don't drink a pop during the week, but on the weekend I am aloud to have one.  And things like that.  My biggest problem is eating before bed.  I HAVE to quit that.  I am not hungry, I just want a snack and it is the worst time to eat one.
Now, I am only 5 pounds from before Aubrey, but last summer I was in the best shape I have been in since before Carson!!!!  Then I had the miscarriage, then the holidays, so I gained about 5 pounds.  Anyway, my goal is 10!  Why is the last 10 always the hardest to loose?  I am going to do it.  Look for posts for updates about every 2 weeks.  I have an "exercise partner" which always helps so there is no need to procrastinate any longer!  Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini Joey Votto

Yes, he is only 4 year old.  Yes, I am pitching and taking the video (talented Mom). Yes, he LOVES baseball or any sport really.... he is just really good in baseball!

And Yes, we are very proud parents!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello and Goodbye January

Hey!!! It's been awhile, but I'm back!  I can't believe its the end of January!  Wait, is it? Cause its suppose to be almost 70 degrees outside today!  What's up with that? I hope it isn't foreshadowing the summer!  But this is what's up with the Richmond's....

Aubrey is almost 5 months old!!!  I can't believe it!  She is a wonderful scheduled baby.  She eats every 3 hours - 8,11,2,5,8 - and sleeps well.... from about 8 to 8!  Occasionally, she will wake up (like last night) at 5 to eat, then goes back to sleep!  And some mornings she wakes up early and we just adjust the schedule, but hey, not every night goes perfect!  She is a happy girl and LOVES her feet and her bed/room.  Every time we lay her on her back the toes go straight in her mouth and if she is fussy she lays in her bed and ends up playing and laughing by herself!  She is still trying to suck her thumb but I keep putting a binki in her mouth!  Jamie and I are enjoying every moment with her and we have lots of play time and snuggle time!
 She will kill me for this pic one day!
 Night Time, Mommy Time!
 Beautiful Smile!
 Love her!
 Loves her Daddy Time
Crazy in Love!
Carson had his 4th Birthday December 20th!  CrAzY!  He is such a fun, loving little boy.  I can't be more pleased with how much he shares, listens, and how independent he is.  He LOVES going to school (still the 2 days a week from 9-1) and he is getting into the Ninja Turtles big time!  But still loves his cars and going outside.  He is a wonderful big brother and loves Aubrey and her little feet!  He is doing great with his teeth and the diet change.  He will brush his teeth whenever I ask him to and every night I help him and floss them.  He makes Jamie and I laugh daily!!!!
 At the zoo!
 Loves nature walks!
 Happy Boy!
Make a wish!
As for Jamie and I, we are doing great!  Jamie has started picking up more trips with work.  So he was gone twice this month, but it gives us both time to "re-group"  Sounds funny, but our relationship was built on distance and although we hate being apart we also love seeing each other after being apart for a few days!  We recently celebrated Jamie's 29th Birthday.  We had a great date night while the kids hung out with a close friend!  Some times, we just need time away and be a couple.  I started babysitting again and am loving it!  Another little girl, who will be 2 in May.  Its a lot having 3 kids, but keeps me on my toes and gives Carson someone to enjoy during the day too.
 Happy Birthday Hunny!
 Playin at Jillian's
Family Shot
I'm going to make a better effort to blog more!  Hope to see y'all more

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Natural Sugar VS Artificially Flavored

To Tell or Not to Tell.... that is the question.  As a Mother, no one wants to admit when they are wrong, especially when it comes to your kids.  But I have tried to realize, that this wasn't ALL my fault.... so I have decided to "spill the beans."
Last month I took Carson for his routine (every 6 month) dental trip.  They have not done x-rays on him yet and just looking in his mouth, the dentist said, "Yeah, looks like he has 2 cavities."  REALLY???  Are you serious???  I couldn't believe my ears!  He isn't even 4 and he has TWO CAVITIES???  What did I do wrong?  I don't give him Soda or Kool-Aid.  He don't eat much chocolate and yeah, the kid gets a small treat after dinner.  But not a big bowl of ice-cream or a candy bar.  I even know parents that buy their kids a pack of M&M's every time they go to WalMart.  Not me!  How is he going to get through fillings?
My research began and we went to another dentist (a child's dentist) where he then received x-rays.  (Oh this is hard for me to type)  The dentist came out and said, "His teeth are bad, they are really bad..... cavities between EVERY back tooth"  Hello Mommy that is crying right there at the dentist's office!!!  Holy Hell, I couldn't wait to get out of there to just ball (which I did, at home.... shut myself in the bathroom for a bit).  Really?  He needs WHAT done?  It wasn't good.  The dentist asks me what his diet is like... Juice? (yes, natural sugar, duh) Milk? (yes, chocolate cause I thought that was better than no milk) Fruit Snacks? (yes, they are not as bad as candy)  He look at me and said, "His diet, HAS to CHANGE, and now"
Do you know how much sugar white milk has in it?  Do you know that kids are only suppose to get 4 oz of juice a day?  Do you know that I will NEVER buy another pack of fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, cookies, or even most dry cereals AGAIN!
Carson even still lets ME BRUSH HIS TEETH at night!  He does it first, then I do it.  How many of you floss your kids teeth????  Hummmmm......
Lets just say "all the work" was done this past Monday.  Talk about an upset Mommy!  I could hardly eat!  Honestly, this was so upsetting it changed my outlook on what I put in MY mouth.  So now I am faced with "sugar free" options.  Is it bad for their health?  My child just won't drink water all day.  If I give it to him, then he won't drink till night time and DOWN a bottle of water then be up all night going to the bathroom.  We did cold turkey juice, chocolate milk, candy, gummies, etc. but I have to fill that with something.  Now, he is hungry ALL day LONG.  Is this because he is not drinking? Or because he is growing?  Or maybe because kids have a weird way of telling us they are in pain.... so his teeth hurting was a way to remind him to eat?  So parents, what do you think about artificially flavoring?  Feedback would really be nice.... would 8 crowns, 4 fillings and 1 baby root canal be enough to change your mind and give your kids artificially flavored things?
Carson's New "Bling" - And that is just the bottom!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Card

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